This Web Site will have BUNCHES of legit lobbys. We will not accept scammers! (: Welcome to The Modding Dream!
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 *READ* About 15th Lobby's

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Site Owner

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PostSubject: *READ* About 15th Lobby's   Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:55 am

As of right now, Only a SELECT amount of people can host 15th Lobby's. Only People with V.I.P will get to see Legit hosters.

So dont come on here trying to scam, when you post saying you can do 15th Lobby's and its a scam your post will be quickly removed.

If you say you are legit make sure you get Verified by me or a Moderator, and if you get Verifed i will make your post a Sticky.

-TMD x Brezzyy
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One Hit
One Hit

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PostSubject: Re: *READ* About 15th Lobby's   Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:26 am

Is there anybody who still does 15th lobbies? I've seen alot of 16th prestigers recently and just looking for some way to get up to where I dont need to prestige anymore, by the way I'm new on this site but looks pretty worthwhile at the moment. Thanks by the way if there is anybody, and of course it's free I'm broke but yeah it would be nice.
GT: Swagg wreckz
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*READ* About 15th Lobby's
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