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 {TUT}How To Make Your Very Own Offline GPD

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{TUT}How To Make Your Very Own Offline GPD Empty
PostSubject: {TUT}How To Make Your Very Own Offline GPD   {TUT}How To Make Your Very Own Offline GPD EmptySun Mar 13, 2011 1:00 am

This Top TUT is How to Mod Black Ops offline with mine or someone elses GPD.

Video TUT If You Wanna Use Mine Or Someone Else's GPD:

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to mod call of duty black ops offline with my or someone elses GPD.

This is pretty much an OFFLINE split screen 15th lobby.

1.) Alrightt soo get your profile from your USB Open your Profile In Modio Go to file contents Tab Find 41560855.gpd.

2.) Right click on it Click Replace File Find the modded one you downloaded and open that Rehashand resign Profile Put Back onto USB.

3.) Then go back to your xbox and delete TU5 then start Black Ops and go To Split-screen you can make a class if you want. I always do. Then start game.

When game starts Press the BACK button Then Just Follow The Instructions.

NOTE: Links Are At Very Bottom Of Page.


This Bottom TUT is How to Make Your Very Own GPD.

Open up xero blackops mod tool then click black ops gpd editor and open your .gpd(Its this file : 41560855.gpd)

1. Delete everything that is in the 3 boxes in xero except for the first line which should be

set gpad_buttonsconfig "null"

2. Binds actions are used to bind buttons to commands. For example binding the X button to give all, which would give you all the weapons on the map.

3. The code for that would be...

bind button_x give all

If you want god mode you could do...

bind dpad_right god

4. Lets say you wanted to do more than one thing at a time, like giving your self 2 weapons(galil and m16) you would do this:

bind dpad_left "give galil_zm;give m16_zm;"

This would give you galil and m16 when you press left on the dpad.

5. lets say you wanted to toggle something, be able to change a setting while playing. For example the gamespeed, you would type:

bind dpad_up "toggle timescale .5 1 2"

This would make it so that each time you press up on the dpad it would change from a 1 timescale to a 2 timescale to a .5 timescale and then recycle.

6. If you wanted something to be set and constant through out the whole game like your sprint speed you would type:

set g_speed 450

This would set your sprint speed to 450(fast) without you having to press a button or anything.

7. So now you finished your first simple gpd dont stop there explore there is a lot you can do with this but be careful if you type or give it weird commands you can cause the xbox to freeze


set dpad_buttonsconfig "null"

set g_speed 450

bind button_x give all

bind dpad_up god

bind dpad_down "give galil_zm;give m16_zm;"

bind dpad_left "toggle timescale .5 1 2"


All you have to do now is click save and inject in into your profile then Rehash and resgin

And your done.

Video TUT On How To Make Your Very Own GPD:

Have Fun!




My v1 GPD (Alright ModMenu)

My v2 GPD (Way Better ModMenu)

Zombies(FIVE) GPD:

-TMD x Brezzyy
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{TUT}How To Make Your Very Own Offline GPD
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