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 {TUT} How to Mod Gamertag On Black Ops

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{TUT} How to Mod Gamertag On Black Ops Empty
PostSubject: {TUT} How to Mod Gamertag On Black Ops   {TUT} How to Mod Gamertag On Black Ops EmptySun Mar 13, 2011 1:34 am

How to Mod Gamertag on Black Ops!

The first method is using only one controller

-EZGT Final


-Transfer Cable or USB Flash Drive

Video Tutorial!

Text Instructions
Step 1- Get your XBOX Profile you would like modded onto your Computer VIA USB or Transfer Cable.

Step 2- Open EZGT And click the button in the top left corner, and load your profile. Your gamertag should show up in the text box.

Step 3- Mod it however you like, when done, click the top left button, and "Save Text".

Step 4- Open Modio and drag in the modded profile you just made from EZGT. Click "Rehash And Resign" in the bottom right corner 2 times.

Step 5- Now you are done on the computer... And put both the modded profile onto your USB or HDD and plug it into your XBOX.

Step 6- Sign into the modded profile you made and start up Black Ops.

Step 7- Go into Multiplayer, go to local, and splitscreen.

Step 8- Start the game, when its loading, quickly sign out of the modded profile and into the legit Xbox Live account. If you did it in time the game should start and ask you to pick a team.. You can end it now.

Step 9- You should be in the multiplayer menu now... Go to the top and hit player match.

Step 10- You now have the modded gamertag online and working online! Have Fun!

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{TUT} How to Mod Gamertag On Black Ops
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