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 List of Mw2 Private match mini games

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List of Mw2 Private match mini games Empty
PostSubject: List of Mw2 Private match mini games   List of Mw2 Private match mini games EmptySun Mar 13, 2011 7:27 am

Credit goes to ImJaime from ttg for makeing most of this post

MW2 private match mini game guide!
Hi, im my name is Austin and i and this thread i will show you all the private match minigames you could play with your friends! Anyways, about... 3(?) months ago i bored so i wanted to join a infected lobby. Looking upon the sea of threads i suddenly saw one thread called Mike Myers Lobby. So i was like ''W...T...F?'' Later i learned that Mike Myers is a minigame in the COD series. But lets start with the most famous ones, then the ones that i personally have found.


If you would like your own custom made game mode added to the list please message me with a complete list of rules and a guide on the game and I will add your name to game type

Original Private match gamemodes

Michael MyersMichael Myers is the without a doubt most popular minigame. I don't know why it is called Michael Myers, but it could be from the fictional slasher film character Michael Myers.


The point is to survive. You will need atleast 3 players, but it's almost a must to get more players. One player goes on the bottom team while the rest goes to the team on the top. The player that is alone in his team is Michael Myers. He will try to kill all of the other players on the other team. But he can't use any weapons to kill them with. No Snipers, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns or riot shield. He will have to knife them.(I don't know the rules for throwing knife, but me and my friends use them)

The players on the other team is not allowed to kill or knife Michael Myers at all, so they will have to hide. It is usually not allowed with elevators or wallbreaches. Once Michael Myers have killed almost all of them and there is only one player on the other team the last man standing can kill Michael Myers.

The player who was killed first will be Michael Myers in the next match. Marathon, Lightweight and Commando/Sitrep Pro/ Ninja is recommended.


Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
Time: Unlimited.
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: 1.
Spectating: Free (So all of you can see the other players. No cheating!)
Killstreaks: Disabled.
Border Patrol

Border Patrol is originally from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but is now playable in Modern Warfare 2, since the map Overgrown has returned, although you can play it in other maps. I have myself never played it, but i think i know the rules of the game. Please respond if you see anything wrong.


You will need atleast 3 players, but again, the more the better! Two player will be sniping and they will be placed in the middle of the map with good view of the route.
The other player/s are supposed to get to the other spawn following an predetermined route/path. The snipers will try to kill the ''Immigrants'' and the ''Immigrants'' are supposed to survive. The ''Immigrants'' can't kill the snipers. Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja is recommended.


Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
Time: Unlimited.
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: 1.
Spectating: Free.
Killstreaks: Disabled.

Cops and Robbers

In this game, there are teams of atleast 2 in each team. Played mostly at terminal, The team that spawns inside are the robbers, while the team that spawns inside are the cops.

Weapon: Only shotguns. No AA-12
Attachment: Any except Akimbo on Rangers or on Model 1887s
Perks: Any

Weapon: USP.45
Attachment: Any except akimbo
Equipment: Throwing Knife
Perks: Lightweight, Marathon, and Commando are musts.

Objective: The Objective of this game is to kill all on the other team. but there are some rules.

Cops: Cops cannot just shoot the Robbers. The only way that cops can kill the robbers it if the robbers provoke them. The cops, if they see a robber, will tell them to turn around and get on the ground. Anything from there is free ground.

Robbers: Robbers really dont have any rules, besides when cops tell them to get down. They can kill the cops on sight.


Game Mode: Search And Destroy
Time: Unlimited.
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: 1.
Spectating: Team (
Killstreaks: Disabled.

my Minigames

Spawn Run


Spawn Run is a game that i invented with my friends and the point is you have to run away from your own spawn. Sound easy? While the others are spawnkilling you. You have to get to their spawn and they can have Tactical Insertions in your spawn, they can use any weapon and kit. The game works best in Scrapyard(The spawn is not inside the big warehouse). Marathon, Cold-Blooded/Lighweight, Commando/Ninja recommended.


Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
Time: Unlimited.
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: Unlimited.
Spectating: Free (So all of you can see the other players. No cheating!)
Killstreaks: Disabled.

The Community's Minigames and Variant's

Mission Impossible

There are two snipers in one team and 5+ players on the other team. The point of the game is that the snipers are supposed to get to the other teams flag. The snipers win if they just touch the flag. The other team is supposed to protect the flag.

The two sniper’s class should be something like this:
Primary: Any Sniper Rifle w/ silencer
Secondary: USP w/ tactical Knife
Equipment: Throwing Knife
Special Grenade: Smoke Grenade
Perk 1: Any perk except Bling or One Man Army
Perk 2: Cold Blooded
Perk 3: Steady Aim or Ninja

The other five’s class setup should be something like this:

Primary: Any Gun except Sniper Rifles
Secondary: Any Gun except launchers
Equipment: Any except Claymore or c4
Special Grenade: Any
Perk1: Any
Perk2: Any except danger close
Perk3: Any


Game Mode: Capture the Flag.
Time: 5 - 7, 5 min.
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: 1.
Spectating: Free.
Killstreaks: Disabled.

[Clash of The Titans]
This could be played with 2-18 players. Everyone must use Riot Shields. The ideal class setup is:

Primary: Riot Shield.
Secondary: Any.
Equipment: Throwing Knife
Special Grenade: Smoke,
Perk 1: Any.
Perk 2: Any.
Perk 3: Any.

The point is that everyone will meet in a tight hallway or bridge. Then let the chaos begin. Throw smokes and throwing knife, bash people with the shield and fight for every inch you gain!


Game Mode: Search and Destroy.
Rounds: 8.
Time: Unlimited.
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: 1.
Spectating: Free (So all of you can see the other players. No cheating!)
Killstreaks: Disabled.

[Zombies and survivors]

Objective:In this game, there is one "zombie" whose goal is to kill all the "survivors".

Primary: Only snipers.
Secondaries: Any form of hand gun, Machine pistols are forbidden, launchers are forbidden, only the striker shotgun, and the modle 1887 are allowed.
Perks: Stopping power is highly reommended but scavenger and one man army are forbidden.
Secondary grenades: neither side are allowed to use
knife: forbidden

Meele attack's and throwing knifes only, you are allowed to use tactical insertions but they will only reduce your offensive capabilities.

Objective: The Objective of this game is to survive for 5 minutes (10 if its a bigger map) within a specific and predetermined building (the house on estate, the 3 leveled building on crash, the middle building on derail just to name a few). If you are killed, even on accident from a friendly or a height then you must go to the zombie side.

Humans can use C-4 claymores,sniper rifles grenades, and the other alloted items to kill the zombie will staying within the location .

Zombies can use throwing knifes and meele attacks to kill the humans but no riot shields.


Game Mode: Team death match
Time: 5 minutes or 10 minutes depending on the map size and team size
Score: Unlimited.
Lives: unlimited
Spectating: doesn't matter
Killstreaks: Any killstreak that doesn't stay in the sky (harrier, pavelow, ac130, chopper gunner, care packages, air drops, attack hellicopter), or come in a care package(Sentry gun is the only exception to this rule).

OTHER NOTES: health should be set to double, with no health regeneration. also, friendly fire should be shared to make things interesting during those "Hectic" moments

[King Of "The Rust" Hill]


Be the one at the top of the "hill" when the game runs out of time


Well you race to the top of the rust tower and the idea is to see who is there at the end of the ten mins, You can only riot shild and if at the top you cant jump down, place your tacs down for easier runs to the tower or to stay up there for longer, You can only riot shield but stuns can be thrown if there used to kill.

3 Players Min, but we have only played it with 3 people not sure what its like with more, if you try it with more then please comment and say what its like


10 mins time
unlimited score
no kill streaks
minuscule health
fast health gain


Riot shield
Tac insertion

Objective: Run away from you chasers without getting CHRUSHED! As The Runner Run away from the chasers for 5min and you win!

Rules: Not Shooting,No Commando, Not Stingers or javalins, NO KILLING unless you are a chaser! ( Chasers can only use Riot sheilds)

SETTINGS: Use Teamdeath match
Best Map to play one is Scrapyard
Uav Allways on
And leave the rest at default


Make Two Classes

1.Chaser ( This Is TopTeam)
Primary:Riot sheild
secondary:Any think you dont use it
Equipment: Blast sheild( You Dont Use it)
Perk 1: Marathon
Perk 2: Lightweight
Perk 3: Anything but Commando
DeathStreak: Anything

2.Runner(Bottom Team)

Primary: Anything
Secondary: Pistol w/Tac knife
Perk 1: Marathon
Perk 2: Lightweight
Perk 3: Anything
DeathStreak: Anything


Objective: To Kill the other team with throwing knives.

Rules: You have to meet up at the metal detectors at the back of the map. You have to meet at the back of those in that little area One person must place a tactical insertion in the middle of the compass on the floor. There will be 2 sides. One team on each side. Going north to south. One on the north side, one on the south. They must use throwing knives in order to kill each other. You cannot cross the line (Tactical Insertion). Once there is only one person left on one of the teams, the last man on that team can cross the line. You may not shoot. ONLY THROWING KNIVES! One person must throw flash, stun, etc. away from them to indicate the start. Switch sides every round.

Settings: Time: Unlimited, Score: Unlimited, Search and Destroy, Number of Rounds: Doesn't matter, more than 4. Killstreaks: Disabled, Number of people: More than 2. The more the better! Teams: Auto-Assign

Class: Primary: Doesn't matter
Secondary: Doesn't matter
Secondary: Stun,Flash
Perk 1: Marathon/OMA/Scavenger. Doesn't matter
Perk 2: Doesn't matter.
Perk 3: Doesn't matter

Other Notes: MAP MUST BE TERMINAL! Have fun!

That's it. The most famous one's with some new spice. Message me if you got another minigame that you or your friend/s have invented and i will put it in here. Also message me if you see anything that's wrong.

Thanks for reading and hope you will experience of the best sides of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!
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List of Mw2 Private match mini games
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