This Web Site will have BUNCHES of legit lobbys. We will not accept scammers! (: Welcome to The Modding Dream!
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*RULES* For TMD Empty
PostSubject: *RULES* For TMD   *RULES* For TMD EmptySun Mar 13, 2011 12:22 am

[Punishment] 1st: Warn//Repeating: Consequences may Incur

* Completely Off-Topic Posts
* Posting in the Wrong Section
* Making a thread directed at a single person (please send a PM)
* SELLING Legal, Open Source, Programs or Downloads (It's OK to give away for free)
* Asking to MM on people's threads
* Posting a "Free MM" thread before having been a member for more than 1 month
* Advertising in a section other than Idle Chat
* Racism
* Flaming

Level Two Offences:
[Punishment] Immediate Ban

* Scamming
* Fake Transactions
* Posting / Giving a Link to Porn
* Selling, Giving Away, or Posting links to ILLEGAL downloads
* Impersonating TTG Staff
* Complete Spam (Same post / thread over and over again)
* Hacking, or Threatening to Hack, the Site or Another member (Non-Jokingly)
* Buying or Selling Phishing / Pharming sites
* Defacing a Site in ANY way that is affiliated with RuneCore or TTG
* Purposefully Posting / Giving a Link to Malicious Software or Downloads

-TMD x Brezzyy
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