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 Moddaz Applacation

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Moddaz Applacation Empty
PostSubject: Moddaz Applacation   Moddaz Applacation EmptyWed Mar 16, 2011 4:54 am

Age: 14
Location: Sydney Australia
~Name: Ian Taylor
~Staff member You Wanna Become: I would like to become a global moderator and if not a sectional moderator

I Deserve this spot in the site because i love this site and i will be the best moderator i can be, i will start recruiting people for this site and making usefull posts very soon, i will help everyone with modding.

I am planning to put up a post saying message me for details of my horizon diamond account pass ect. so everyone can use it, the modding community has greatly changed since i got to this site and this will be the next best thing.

I am not going to be a stragler because i will help out this site as much as i can starting now, if i get this job i will be very dedicated and will be on this site for atleast 4 hours a day and max all day, i will make up good ideas on how i can benifit this site and how i can recruit people.

I have a feeling that this site is going to get very big so please pick me to be a moderator becuase i am very dedicated and will not give up on this site

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Moddaz Applacation
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