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 How To Mod Splitscreen MW2

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PostSubject: How To Mod Splitscreen MW2   Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:52 am

Xbox Part.
Step 1: Plug your USB into your 360
Step 2: Go to My Xbox...System Settings...Memory...chose memory device
Step 3: Go to Games, Scroll down to Modern Warfare 2, Click it and then go to "Multiplayer Saved Game" (Or something like that)
Step 4: Then click it, Click move, move it onto your USB Flash Drive and wait for it to finish loading.
Step 5: Plug your USB out of your 360 and plug it into Computer/ Laptop.
Step 5: Plug your USB back into your 360
Step 6: Go to My Xbox...System Settings...Memory...then click Memory device...then go to Games Chose Modern Warfare 2 (The only one there LOL)
Step 7: Click move and chose your Hard-drive.
When done that do what it says on the vidio

Credit: Jacksparo
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How To Mod Splitscreen MW2
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