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 New Rebooter Released (12625 Dash)

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New Rebooter Released (12625 Dash) Empty
PostSubject: New Rebooter Released (12625 Dash)   New Rebooter Released (12625 Dash) EmptyWed Mar 16, 2011 9:20 pm

All credit goes to Deep3r at Se7ensins.

This CANNOT allow your jtag to go online.

Here is a tutorial on how to update your jtag to the new dashboard:

Quote :
fbBuild 0.12

It's super Awesome
Jasper Consoles Only.
<3 iKaris work.

What's New:
- critical bug fix relating to some 16M jaspers (fixjaspa)
- minor updates and fixes

Current Limitations:
- security files besides KV must be provided in encrypted form
- STAY THE HELL OFF LIVE! Nuff said, we're not you're mum.
- There is no LIVE idiots, so don't try.

How To Use:
- See individual folders for lists of files to provide
- if desired provide replacement cpu and 1bl keys in text files
- open a command window in the fbBuild directory
- on the command line type, for example:

example - if you provided keys in appropriate text files

fbbuild.exe -c jasper -d mydata jasper.bin
fbbuild.exe -c jasper256 -d mydata jasper.bin
fbbuild.exe -c jasper512 -d mydata jasper.bin

-c jasper = use jasper bl and patch set
-d mydata = a folder is present called "mydata" with per machine
myfalconout.bin = the file that will be produced

- type fbbuild.exe -? for command line info

KV hash has been removed.
KV swapping is possible but what's the point using it for LIVE it won't work.

Without ikari this would not have been possible, thanks!
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/ _|_ __ ___ ___| __ ) / _ \ / _ \_ _|
| |_| '__/ _ \/ _ \ _ \| | | | | | || |
| _| | | __/ __/ |_) | |_| | |_| || |
|_| |_| \___|\___|____/ \___/ \___/ |_|
[v0.05 - inspired by ikari]

Thanks and greetz to everyone who has contributed to hacking this
wonderful machine. Thanks to the engineers and countless others who made
the machine what it is... we only wish they had listened and RROD was
not a problem. If we were to list everyone here, there would be no time
left to play on the machine!

Big thanks to the folks at #freeboot on efnet for the tireless
hours of help you all give freely. Big thanks to the testers who made
sure stuff worked.

Don't believe what random people *cough* write on forums .. (ADIZZY SN1PER)

Download FBBuild 0.12 For All Consoles except opus
FBBuild 0.12 Link

Jtag tool 12625 for all consoles - If you don't know how to use Command Prompt
Jtag Tool Link
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New Rebooter Released (12625 Dash)
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